40/50/60 Grind Categories

Men Pro/Expert Open*

Jr. Men 15-18

Men 19-39

Men 40-49

Men 50-59

Men 60+

Men Single Speed Open 15+

Women Pro/Expert Open*

Jr. Women 15-18

Women 19-39

Women 40-49

Women 50+

Women Single Speed Open 15+

Men/Women/Co-Ed Tandem Open 15+

*The Men's and Women's Pro/Expert Open category is only offered in the 60 Grind.  A race license is not required to participate in the MLGG, and thus, any rider who wishes to compete in this category may do so.  We respectfully request that any rider who holds a professional race license, registers in this category.  Since we are not the pro-amateur race police and will not be looking for sandbaggers, don't be that guy or gal!   

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