Founded in 2014 by Jason Tullous, Tenac Championship Coaching provides proven training strategies and camps for cyclists of all abilities.

Each aspect of our comprehensive approach to coaching is based on two essential components: our personal cycling experience, and a thorough understanding and application of scientific measure. As we inspire our athletes, we promote personal growth while simultaneously analyzing their training workloads to achieve their performance goals. Take a look at our comprehensive coaching plans.

Each aspect of our comprehensive approach is based on the support of our athletes as a community with evidence of success via Experience, Science, and Results. Our experience is a foundation of more than 35 years of Professional and Elite-level competitive cycling including a Master’s World Championship and a multitude of regional, national and international wins and top results. Our coaching methods are based collaboration with associate physiologists to validate scientifically proven concepts that can be applied to our training prescriptions. The application of these key elements has successfully prepared athletes of varying abilities for a variety of events including state championships, internationally renowned tours and national championships, and marquee events. We are proud to then say, that our Results are evidenced by their Results.